Walking in faith is like wearing your heart on your sleeve. You are understood and admired by many, but many more may ridicule and admonish you about being so open concerning your beliefs.

It is often the same when we start a business. Not everyone believes in your venture, nor will they support what you are trying to accomplish by becoming an entrepreneur. Instead, you hear all the reason you should not follow through on what you believe. There are many reasons for this: jealousy, lack of understanding, even lack of courage. Sound familiar?
While you can’t always cut naysayers out of your life, you can control and even limit the amount and the quality of time you spend with them. In a sense, it is not very different from what I do with my t-shirts.
Some time ago, I created my line of t-shirts because I believe strongly in spreading the Word and I know that others would like to as well. What better way than to wear your beliefs where they can be seen? What better way to witness even in the face of those who want to know why you would want to spread the word let alone wear it? or believe anyone else would want to wear it.
I have faith in my God and I have faith in my abilities to be successful with my business.

“Everything is possible for him who believes.” Mark 9:23
If you are starting down the path of entrepreneurship, you should have that kind of faith in your ability to be successful. You are your own support.

I encourage others to explore their own beliefs without ever in saying a word. My line of t-shirts made it possible to silently affirm or to engage in lively conversation about faith. I am inspired when I see how warmly they were accepted by others who also walk in faith. But I am continually disappointed when I am approached by those who clearly would rather not have to read the words on my shirts.
Faith is an important, driving, living force in my life. It cannot be separated from the entrepreneur in me, my relationships or any other part of my life. It is “…because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.” James 1:3

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