13 Simple Kitchen Organization Ideas to Organize Like a Pro

Having a clean, organized kitchen is essential for any household. It makes it much easier to prepare meals and saves time, energy, and money in the long run since you can easily find what you need when you need it. Various simple kitchen structuring ideas can help you keep your kitchen neat, regardless of size. Whether you’re looking to organize your pantry, cabinets, drawers, or countertops, there are plenty of ways to get started.

From simple labels to stackable shelves and bins, clever storage ideas can help you maximize your space and declutter a small kitchen. Plus, organizing your kitchen can come with other benefits, such as creating more meal prep efficiency and making it easier to spot any expired items. To organize your kitchen like a pro, consider simple kitchen organizational tips. Please note that this post contains affiliate links. I make money when readers purchase items through my links at no additional cost to the reader.  

1. Sink Organizer Tip

Installing an over-the-sink shelf or an under-kitchen-sink organizer is a great way to organize all your dishes and cleaning items. Over-the-sink shelves can be found in various sizes and materials, depending on your space and preferences. Depending on the style, they can also provide extra counter space. 

Under-the-kitchen sink organizers can help separate items such as cleaning supplies, dish soap, and sponges, allowing for more efficient storage and quick access. Dish organizers can also organize and store plates, bowls, and other serving dishes, freeing up valuable cabinet space.

2. Cabinet Organizer Tip 

If you’re looking for a simple way to get started with kitchen structuring, try implementing under-cabinet storage. Installing wire racks or bins that hang directly under cabinets will store items off countertops, adding more precious space. 

This method is perfect for keeping small items like spices, bottles, and other frequently used items easily within reach. With little effort, you can transform cluttered, disorganized cabinets into organized, functional spaces.

3. Pantry Storage 

An organized pantry is crucial for staying on top of your kitchen game. With the right pantry organization bins and pantry ideas for small kitchens, it’s easy to keep your food and supplies neat and accessible. Investing in a setup of food storage containers for the pantry is an easy way to improve its layout. 

These containers come in all shapes and sizes, and when used correctly, they can help you find what you need in no time. Plus, a pantry bin can store potatoes and onions while providing airflow and preventing them from going bad quickly. With the help of a little organization, you can ensure your pantry stays on top of its game.

4. Use Trays Or Dividers To Keep Drawers Clean 

To keep your drawers clean and neat, try using trays or dividers. This will make your kitchen look more organized and make it easier to locate items. Deep kitchen drawer organizers are great for organizing utensils, bakeware, and cutlery. They also come in various shapes and sizes to fit any kitchen layout. This tool allows you to store items neatly, free up drawer space, and reduce clutter.

5. Use A Caddy To Keep Dish Towels And Sponges Together 

A dish caddy perfectly keeps all your towels and sponges together in one easy-to-access spot. Place the caddy near the sink and easily grab a towel or sponge when needed. 

The caddy allows you to organize all the dish-related items in one place, saving time and keeping your kitchen tidy. Plus, when it’s time to do the dishes, your supplies will already be right there and ready to go.

6. Free Up Space By Using A Spice Rack 

Organizing your kitchen doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Spice racks are an easy way to free up valuable cabinet or counter space. Choose a spice drawer organizer, a hung or wall-mounted spice rack organizer, or utilize a sliding-out spice rack. 

An over-the-door spice rack can be perfect if you need wall or drawer space. Whichever you choose will instantly help you declutter, adding style and convenience to your kitchen.

7. Organize Your Water Bottles 


If you’re struggling to store your collection of water bottles, there’s an easy and creative solution: install a long metal shelving unit along one of your kitchen walls. This will provide a place to store the bottles while allowing them to be easily visible and accessible. You can also use the shelves to organize other kitchen items, like jars of spices or pantry items.

8. Keep Plastic Bags Organized 

Using home storage solutions like cabinets, shelves, and hangers to keep plastic bags organized. Hang your plastic bags with a versatile hanger in the kitchen to free up counter space. Store them in a cabinet or pantry to save space and keep them away from small children.

9. Label Your Dry Goods 

Organizing your kitchen starts with labeling your dry goods, so you know exactly where everything is at a glance. Label canisters for coffee, flour, cereal, and other grains. Label bins for baking supplies and spices. 

Label bins for snacks and condiments. Label jars and containers for pasta, rice, and other dry goods. Label tubs and baskets for potatoes, onions, and other root vegetables. Label boxes and containers for cans and jars of food. Label bins and baskets for snacks and treats. With everything labeled, you can find what you’re looking for when needed.

10. Use A Communication Board 

Creating a communication board is a great way to organize your kitchen. Hang a large dry-erase board or paint a wall with chalk paint to easily write weekly grocery lists, reminders, or messages to family members. This helps keep everyone on the same page and eliminates messy, sticky notes around the kitchen. Additionally, you can hang extra hooks and shelves around the board for extra storage.

11. Rolling Cart 

A rolling cart is a great way to store and organize items. It can easily be moved around the kitchen, allowing you to reach items quickly and make the most of the space. It can hold many items, including kitchen accessories, small appliances, and food items, allowing you to access them easily when needed.

12. Organize Your Fridge With Clear Bins 


Clear storage bins are a great way to organize your refrigerator. They keep food items separate and easily visible, making it easy to find what you need. Place bins on the shelves of your fridge, assign one for each type of food, and arrange them by expiration date. This makes it easy to find and keep track of what food you have available.

13. Store All Your Coffee Supplies In One Place 


Create a coffee station equipped with a coffee maker, filter, grinder, coffee beans, mugs, and spoons. Organize all the supplies in baskets, bins, or a shelf to keep everything neat.

When it comes to kitchen organization, it’s essential to take the time to declutter and decide what items are necessary to store and find the right solutions for your space and needs. Endless options exist for creating efficient and beautiful kitchen organization, from shelves and racks to baskets and clips.

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