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Hey there,

I welcome you Christ and Creative Therapy. A space to be encouraged, inspired and for us to figure out life together, lol. No one is perfect, thus no one has all the answers.  But, my goal is to build a community where we can all learn how to do better and become better under Christian principles.

Feel free to scroll around, read the blogs and comment, or even watch a few videos on my Youtube Channel.

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Unlocking the Magic of a Stress-Free Christmas Dinner

As the holiday season approaches, many people begin to feel overwhelmed and stressed with the thought of hosting a Christmas dinner. The idea of preparing a large meal for family
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Vegetables from a healthy garden

Uncovering the Benefits of Hay and Straw in Your Garden

Discover the transformative power of hay or straw in your garden! Learn how these natural materials enhance soil health, retain moisture, and suppress weeds. Grow your best garden yet!
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Transforming Your House into Your Forever Home: Tips and Ideas

Learn how to turn your living space into a forever home with our comprehensive guide. Personalize, comfort, nature, memories & maintenance tips included!
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13 Simple Kitchen Organization Ideas To Organize Like A Pro

13 Simple Kitchen Organization Ideas to Organize Like a Pro Having a clean, organized kitchen is essential for any household. It makes it much easier to prepare meals and saves
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How To Grow Juicy Tomatoes from Seed

Tomato-tactic: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Growing Juicy Tomatoes from Seeds Indoors

Tomatoes are the juicy, red fruit that adds flavor to every salad, sandwich, and sauce. What if I said that there’s no longer a need for you to depend solely
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What Gardening and Lawn Care Has Taught Me

Lessons from the Garden As a mom and homeowner, lawn maintenance and the upkeep of the garden are important to me. Gardening is my therapy, and I want a lawn
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